The HSMT Group is dedicated to providing the highest levels of professional service to its clients around the world, combining a depth of knowledge and understanding of both the special requirements of the hospitality industry, and the constantly developing world of safety, prevention and security.

The HSMT Group aims to constantly maintain its position as the world leader in the field of hospitality security and safety, and refuses to rest on its laurels, by developing ever-more advanced and modern techniques, in all areas of the operation. The group serves over 60 hospitality facilities and currently employs in excess of 500 staff members. The company conducts over 200 training courses for the industry professionals each year. HSMT also offers a full range of solutions, services & products, relating to safety and security for the international hospitality market and security personnel under one roof.  Additionally, HSMT has been certified as complying with European Quality Standards (ISO 9002) since 1997.

Our Management Team

Irad Gale – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
034e73f   Irad Gale’s professional career began as managing the security department at Jerusalem Mormon University. In 1993 he was appointed to chief of security for Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus located in Jerusalem, to which he oversaw 300 security personnel.In 1995, Irad Gale established the H.S.M.T. Group LTD (Hotel Security Management & Training).  During the company’s initial years, Irad served as C.E.O, although currently he serves as the president of the HSMT Group. The HSMT Group covers topics such as: Security Services & Human Resources, Licenses & Permitting, Training & Education, Technology & Software Solutions, and Media & Publications. In addition, Irad serves as a security consultant to many external hotel companies and hotel chains.In 2006 Irad Gale established HSMT academy (formally “Pelagim”),which won the Ministry of Tourism tender for the official training school for all hotel security personnel in Israel. In 2009 “Pelagim” was recognized by the Security Division of the Israeli Police authorities as an official training college for hotel security managers.

Irad serves as Lieutenant Colonel (res) in the IDF Special Forces; he holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hebrew University and an MBA from Brunel University specializing in risk management. Irad is certified as a security director by the Israeli police.

Irad is also active in the Israel security community and serves in a volunteer capacity as the general manager of “The Israeli Institute for Security Standards”. He is a member of ASIS Israel and is the editor of “Metzuda”, the largest security magazine in the country.


Alon David – Senior Vice President, Operations
345 Alon joined HSMT in 1996 as chief security officer at one of the hotels operated by the company. He progressed quickly and was appointed as Manager of Quality Assurance for the company in 1998. In addition, Alon was responsible for the attainment of the ISO 9002 certification in May 1999. He has held his current position since 2001. In addition to his other responsibilities, Alon also acts as safety coordinator for the company’s locations, and holds the Israeli Labor Ministry qualification as a Work Safety Supervisor. Alon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Engineering Management.

Ram Barel – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ram, a certified accountant, has been serving as Chief Financial Officer at HSMT since the foundation of the company. In addition to his work at HSMT, Ram also advises a number of European companies in the areas of finance, auditing and control. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Dan Levinson – Director of Operations
Dan Levinson is a protective services professional with extensive experience in aviation security, critical infrastructure, incident command and corporate protection. Having worked in both North America and the Middle East, Dan acquired a versatile skill set. He applies critical thinking to provide practical solutions that considerably promote life and asset protection. Dan is a staunch proponent of first responder training, since he believes that they carry the main burden of handling critical incidents.
Dan’s experience is based on his work managing security projects for a Canadian provincial Crown Corporation, supervising agents for the Security Division of the Israeli Airports Authority and his service in the Israeli Air Force. This unique combination of responsibilities made Dan proficient in tactical communications, search and rescue procedures, counterterrorism behavior pattern observation, bomb detection techniques and equipment, large-scale corporate security,
and Olympic threat intelligence analysis