The CBTs offered below assist management and employees alike in an array of programs designed to help the trainee advance their work-related knowledge in the hotel industry. The customized CBT programs allow any company to train their employees properly in a time efficient manner.

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Fire Safety  Aimed at instructing the trainee on fire safety, the learning module allow him or her to proceed through each topic at their own pace. The learning module intends to exemplify how fires are created, how to prevent fires, as well as mitigate and extinguish any type of fire. By the end, the trainee will be proficient in the protocols of proper fire safety. Read More  
First Aid (LM300) The best Computer Based Training (CBT) programs to learn first aid, they provide step by step guidance with interactive information on the importance of medical safety, aspects of first aid, when and what to do in case of an injury and proper CPR precautions.Read More  
Medical Procedures An interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) program aimed at teaching the trainee the proper medical and safety precautions that are necessary when a medical problem occurs to an employee or a guest of the hotel.Read More  
Disability and Accessibility The hands-on Computer Based Training (CBT) program allows the trainee to gain an understanding of core procedures relating to disabled persons in the hotel environment. Examples of the correct way to communicate with hearing or visually impaired guest, and how to help those using mobility aids are included in the learning module.  Read More  
Sexual Harassment (LM501) The interactive learning module informs the trainee about the rules and regulations regarding sexual harassment in the hotel environment. The interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) program describes victimization from sexual harassment, the procedures to report any such cases and more. Read More  
Safety in the Workplace The learning module reviews basic knowledge about safety in the workplace. By the end of the module the trainee will understand a large amount of safety procedures and precautions. Read More  
  Business Traveler (LM502) Management and staff are the organization’s most important assets and are most vulnerable when traveling away from home. High awareness and preparedness levels are critical for mitigating this vulnerability. Read More