CBT programs

Standard ModulesHSMT Academy is one of the biggest suppliers of Computer Based Training Programs.
With over 200 learning modules currently in stock for security and non-security personnel in the hospitality industry,

you can rest assured that we have a CBT module for every demand.

Customization of Modules

Customization HSMT Academy understands the need to customize your product.

For this reason, we offer three tiers of customization:

1. Embedding of company name and logo- Customization designed to use your name and logo of your company on the CBT programs,
during log-in and more.

2. Embedding of our programs into your current training system- Our CBT programs can be inserted to your already existing Learning Management System using your template and our content.

3. Complete customization-We can replace our videos and pictures with customized and personal pictures from your establishment. This is a great way for you to use personal content that caters to your specific needs.

Development of Modules:

Standard ModulesDue to our extensive experience in the Hospitality and Security sector, HSMT Academy is well qualified to offer modifications in order to customize your every need. We are equipped with the expertise to develop from scratch any new CBT that fits your desires.


Standard ModulesAll CBT programs are a SaaS product produced by HSMT Academy. They are available 24/7. Therefore, we offer technical and customer service support for every customer.

Advanced LMS (Learning Management System):

Standard ModulesWe offer complete control over the collected data, while having the capabilities in overseeing your progress. Our LMS is advanced software that allows the trainee to control all the learning.