Our Learning Modules are interactive, efficient and cost effective. However, HSMT Academy understands that some like to rely on In-Class training programs. We are pleased to announce that we offer In-Class training programs in Hospitality and Security training. To inquire about the details, please fill out your information in the “Contact” section.

Our training programs cover pertinent background information, theoretical and practical aspects, demonstrations, workshops and role playing exercises, as well as a series of tests as part of a complete evaluation and certification process. The following two options are available for In-Class training programs:

  1. Week long certification courses designed for a current Security Director of a region, and/or upcoming Security Managers/Directors aiming to enhance their certification portfolios.
  2. HSMT Academy offers  numerous seminars lasting up to 4 hours in length that are designed to assist any person in enhancing their security training.


We currently offer the following courses:
Security Director: An intense one-week training program designed to assist the trainee in all aspects that a security director needs to successfully carry out his or her responsibilities. Our trainers offer advanced courses in six different categories.
   Terrorism Terrorism’s  Threat on the Hotel Industry This course examines international terrorism with an emphasis on terrorist threats in the world of tourism and hospitality. The course starts by examining the foundation of terrorism and terrorist organizations. From there, using case studies and scholarly sources the course discusses terrorism in the hospitality and tourism field.  Read More Download
Security Planning Step-by-step guided training on how to incorporate a proper security plan for a specific hotel. Our instructors, along with the trainee will walk through the hotel environment in an effort to address all the safety and security threats and discuss how to remediate these issues.  Read More
Data Information Security Data information protection is an integral part of security. Our instructors assist the trainee in understanding the potential damage that data information breaches can cause to the hotel industry. Read More
Investigation Techniques Designed to explain to the trainee how to effectively run an investigation against criminal and other related incidents. The course provides mock situations where the trainee will have to utilize the proper procedures learned in order to complete the task of successfully implementing a proper investigation in order to solve the situation and apprehend the suspect.  Read More
Crisis Management Understanding the proper procedures when a crisis occurs is extremely important. It is the director’s job to mitigate panic and anxiety from the subordinates when there is a crisis. For this to be achieved, proper planning is extremely important.Read More  
 Managerial Liabilities A learning module designed to help the trainee understand the different liabilities that surround a hotel environment. Through interactive instruction and assessment, upon completion the trainee will be able to easily clarify potential legal dangers to themselves or the hotel environment. Read More  
In-Class Seminars: Additional Seminars lasting one to four days are available for any person seeking to advance their knowledge in the hospitality and security profession. Download
HSO-f Hotel Security Officers (HSO) The program aims to train the security staff on the principles and practical aspects of their work. By the end of training, the trainee will gain an understanding of core security professional topics related to the most common threats such as crime, terrorism, and safety, which are essential for his work as a security officer. Read More  
HSS Hotel Security Supervisors (HSS) The training program caters to the security personnel in the hotel industry. The trainee will gain understanding of extended security topics related to a variety of threats to the hotel such as crime, terrorism, and safety. Read More  
Hotel Security Managers (HSM) This is advanced training which covers all topics required to upgrade the experienced security officer into a security manager. The training is comprised of advanced security skills such as learning how to execute security plans, threat analysis and crisis management.  Read More  
Background Checks A seminar aimed to teach the trainee on how to conduct proper and proficient criminal background checks. The training program trains the trainee in the art of detecting and processing information given from a potential hire. Read More  
Instructor Training Program A complete program aimed at teaching proper training skills and techniques for the trainees in this one week course. The course has all the tools to help set up training programs that can be used for any department. Read More  
Legality Understanding federal and state laws as well as the regulations of a hotel are extremely relevant for security personnel. The training program assists the trainee in learning all the necessary rules and regulations for a wide variety of topics. Read More  
Liability A seminar designed to help the trainee understand the different liabilities that surround a hotel environment. Through interactive instruction and assessment, upon completion the trainee will be able to easily clarify potential legal dangers to themselves or the hotel environment. Read More