HSMT Academy CBT modules are built for an optimal learning experience. A comprehensive yet simple, organized and consistent interface and education method ensures the trainee is focused on the information rather than on technical and administrative aspects of the training.

The material is comprehensive and detailed, that includes: visual examples, interactivity and exercises, ensuring trainees will have an interesting and effective learning experience.

At HSMT Academy, while topics and content may vary, by training security and non-security personnel you may expect the following benefits:

Training Effectiveness:

1HSMT Academy CBT modules are learned through the pace of personal progression. Each CBT allows the trainee to proceed at their own rate depending on the ease of difficulty of a particular topic without pressure from other participants. A structure timeline and methodical progress insures the trainee is absorbing the information and stays focused. HSMT Academy's CBT modules ensure that all trainees receive the same exact content and quality of training.


3HSMT Academy's CBT modules are kept current through a centralized location to ensure all students across the organization are upgraded with the latest content such as new threats, new procedures, etc.

Maximum Flexibility and Convenience:

4Our modules allow maximum schedule flexibility and are accessible at any time at any place. This virtually removes the hassles of coordinating personnel as well as classroom allocation.


5he CBT modules can be customized to fit an organization's specific needs and requirements. Additionally, they are currently available in 7 commonly used languages.

Allows Efficient Use of Time Allocated for Training:

6Our CBT programs deliver effectively about four times the amount of content compared to a similar duration of in-class training.

Maximum Cost and Effectiveness:

7HSMT's modules significantly lower the cost per trainee and reduces disruption of ongoing operations at your organization or location.

Maximum Control:

8HSMT Academy's CBT modules are compatible with SCORM and will export records for each registered trainee to any existing Management System. This provides real-time information on your personnel's training status and ensures that all employees are trained in accordance with current standards and requirements.