Security personnel are required to have a number of different skills and responsibilities in order to perform their job properly. The CBT programs provide physical security training for general security personnel. It covers basic threat assessment principles, theoretical and practical aspects of physical security, ongoing and emergency security procedures, and more. When using the CBT programs, training the security personnel is timely, one-on-one and cost efficient.

Click on the Pictures with a Play Icon for a Demo  Certifications   We currently offer 4 different security personnel certifications, each one of them is designed to provide the trainee with sufficient training.
HSO-f Hospitality Security Officer (HSO) The security officer has an essential role in the hotel environment. The Computer Based Training (CBT) program focuses on teaching basic shift responsibilities to the trainee. This includes incident reports, patrol, checking for stolen items, key card management, and surveillance management and addressing the guests in the proper procedure. Read More Download Brochure

Hospitality Security
Supervisor (HSS)

The learning module aims to train security personnel in the hotel industry on the principles and practical aspects of their work. The trainee will gain understanding of extended security professional topics related to a variety of threats to the hotel such as crime, terrorism, and safety, all of which are essential for his or her work as a security supervisor at the hotel. Read More Download Brochure
Hospitality Security Manager (HSM) This is advanced training which covers all topics required to upgrade the experienced security officer into a security manager. The training is comprised of  advanced security professional elements such as learning how to execute security plans, threat analysis, and crisis management. Read More Download Brochure
Hospitality Security Director (HSD) This is top of the line training that covers all aspects of managing, supervising and consulting multiple security staff in the hotel industry that are spread throughout a region. The training is comprised of advanced professional elements such as developing security plans and procedures, preparing a budget, preparing training programs, investigation techniques, crisis management, threat analysis and more. Read More                                             Download Brochure