The HSMT Group is dedicated to providing the highest levels of professional service to its clients around the world, combining a depth of knowledge and understanding of both the special requirements of the hospitality industry, and the constantly developing world of safety, prevention and security.

The HSMT Group aims to constantly maintain its position as the world leader in the field of hospitality security and safety, and refuses to rest on its laurels, by developing ever-more advanced and modern techniques, in all areas of the operation. The group serves over 60 hospitality facilities and currently employs in excess of 500 staff members. The company conducts over 200 training courses for the industry professionals each year. HSMT also offers a full range of solutions, services & products, relating to safety and security for the international hospitality market and security personnel under one roof.  Additionally, HSMT has been certified as complying with European Quality Standards (ISO 9002) since 1997.

Advisory Board

    Eli Gonen

In the last decade, Eli was the President & CEO of Sheraton Moriah & Accor hotels in Israel and formally the General Manager of the Israel ministry of tourism and of the Hebrew university.
Mr. Gonen is the owner and CEO of Terra holdings, management & investments in hotels. It is a boutique company active in the growing and evolving world of the hotel industry.
The company’s basic beliefs are based on the highest level of professionalism, utilizing business ethics & integrity, openness & transparency, flexibility and creativity in an effort to build a partnership with the company’s costumers, maximizing their profits & returns via “Tailor Made” transactions.

    Prof. Yoel Mansfeld (PhD)

Yoel Mansfeld, PhD (London School of Economics) is one of the leading researchers and experts on the relationship between security and safety issues and the hospitality and tourism industry.
Yoel Mansfeld has published numerous academic papers on these issues and is the co-editor of two books dealing with tourism, safety and security. The first was published in 1996, Tourism, Crime and International Security Issues and the second one in 2006 (both with Prof. A. Pizam).
Prof. Mansfeld has also been engaged over the past 20 years in various industry consulting projects related to crisis management in the tourism and hospitality industry in the wake of security and safety events. He is a respected and in-demand lecturer and travels frequently around the world, to talk on these subjects.
When at home in Israel, Prof. Mansfeld serves as the Head of the Center for Tourism Research and the program leader of the Master program on Tourism, Planning and Development at the University of Haifa, Israel.

    Nir Ran

Founder & Director of the Israeli Homeland Security Academy at the Wingate Institute Israel, that specializes in training security managers in various professional institutions as well as hotels. The hotel security courses are held in full collaboration with the training division of the H.S.M.T Group.
Ran has held a number of senior positions in the SHABAK (Israeli Secret Service) and the National Security services. He was formerly a Director of the Israeli Secret Service School for Warfare & Security
He obtained his the field of Political Science & M.A. Geography & Risk Management from Haifa University. He is a lecturer in the field of Security & Management.