Security personnel are required to have a number of different skills and responsibilities in order to perform their job properly. The CBT programs provide physical security training for general security personnel. It covers basic threat assessment principles, theoretical and practical aspects of physical security, ongoing and emergency security procedures, and more. When using the CBT programs, training the security personnel is timely, one-on-one and cost efficient.

Click on the pictures with a play icon for a Demo  Advanced   Additional Computer Based Training programs are available for security personnel who want to advance their training and further their career. Download Brochure  
  Laws and Regulations Understanding federal and state laws as well as the regulations of a hotel are extremely relevant for security personnel. The Computer Based Training (CBT) program assists the trainee in learning all the necessary rules and regulations for a wide variety of subjects. Read More                                                                                                                          
Interpersonal Communication Skills The Computer Based Training (CBT) module teaches the trainee the importance of communication skills such as body language, professionalism and verbal/non-verbal communication techniques for security personnel. Read More  
Safety for Security Personnel This learning module provides the trainee with the understanding of how to properly prevent accidents in the hospitality industry through instructing role-based hazards and explaining the use of personal protection equipment and procedures. Read More  
  Security Department as a Service Provider This module aims to teach the trainee specific responsibilities of security personnel in the aspect of working as service providers in the hospitality environment. The trainee will gain an understanding of how to communicate properly with their colleagues and the guests of the hotel, as well as how to fill out proper paperwork when an incident occurs. Read More  
  Document Inspection Procedures An interactive and hands-on Computer Based Training (CBT) program designed to inform the trainee on how to efficiently check a variety of different documents in order to be certain that nothing is forged or tampered with.Read More  
 Data Information Security Data information protection is an integral part of security. The learning module teaches the trainee in understanding the potential damage that data information breaches can cause to a hotel. Read More  
  Managing Emergency Situations Understanding the proper procedures when a crisis occurs is extremely important. The learning module teaches the trainee how to mitigate panic and anxiety from the subordinates when there is a crisis. For this to be achieved, proper planning is extremely important. Read More